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Image by Charisse Kenion


September 14 2024

8am - 1pm

Every year the village of Kars hosts a community garage sale! 

Everyone who wants to participate, hosts their sale in their own front yard or garage. You are more than welcome to start before 8am or end after 1pm if you feel like it, but our advertising will say 8am - 1pm.

As always, the RA centre will be open for anyone outside of the village to set up their items to sell. You can book up to 3 tables at the RA (inside or outside) for free.

To book a table, email us at:

or leave us a message with your name and number at: 613-489-2524


  • Balloons and flags are a great way to get peoples attention! Attach one to a chair/post/recycling bin/anything you want, and leave it at the end of your driveway so people who are walking or driving can see it at a distance!

  • Search on Kjiji or Facebook Marketplace if you need an idea on how much things are going for, but remember, people are always looking for a bargain at a garage sale.

  • Don't forget to get coins and bills ready to use as change! 

  • People won't always come prepared with enough cash to make a more expensive purchase. Write down your email so that it is ready to go, in case someone needs to e-transfer you.

  • Price all of your items and make sure the prices are visible.

  • If you have some, bring out some bags that your customers can put their things into after purchasing. People will really appreciate it, especially if they're on foot!

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