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On 28 November 2023, the Kars Community Recreation Association Executive received the Consultant Report from the City of Ottawa regarding paving of the rink.


As most of you know the Association raised $84,000 and through a Capital Grant Program from the City of Ottawa received a promise of another $64,000. Subsequent to that, the Association indicated to the City we could provide an additional $6,000 towards the cost. Unfortunately, the actual cost was way beyond what we had estimated. We are about $130,000 short of the cost contained in the consultant’s final estimate. Naturally this was a surprise to us and also the City staff. The price of doing business has gone up dramatically since Covid.


We have not given up on this project, we intend to discuss the issue with councilman David Brown to see if there are other options.

We don’t know what interest there is in the community to form a committee to raise the additional funds, but we do admit that it is beyond the current Executive to take this on. 


On another note, we have been in discussion with a group that requires a site to construct six pickle ball courts. They have a large organization and apparently the ability to raise the funding required. Again, the Kars Community Recreation Association Executive will be in discussion with David Brown to see if this is feasible from a City point of view. Naturally, before any final decision is made, we will be calling a meeting to have community input. 



Shaun Tolson 

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