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How to Proceed After Receiving the Grant

If you remember from the grant application process, there were two options for the rink base. One was to replace the current sand rink base with stone dust, and the second was to pave the rink. 

Below are the estimates for both options.

Screen Shot 2022-01-17 at 7.54_edited.jpg
Screen Shot 2022-01-17 at 7.46_edited.jpg

The KCRA Executive has decided to choose the paving option at this time. We prefer this option because during the summer months, it will leave us with another recreation area. Some of the options that the area can be used for are: tennis, road hockey, pickle ball, badminton, basketball, or a safe area to teach children how to ride bicycles.

Additionally, the KCRA rink has night lighting which will increase the usage time.


The KCRA currently has approximately $25,000 available of its own funds. We have agreed to set aside $14,000 for the rink project. We must keep the other $11,000 for operating expenses and the 200th Anniversary which is coming up quickly. This means we must attempt to raise $20,000 by the end of 2022 which may be very difficult with the RA being closed due to Covid-19.

This contingency fund may or may not be used but we must have it for the process to go forward. 

We know there will be someone out there that will have a friend who has a friend who knows a guy who is going out with a girl who has a brother who owns a paving company and he can do it for much less. Unfortunately, it just does not work that way. There are surveys to do, soil samples to consider, bore holes to be dug and analyzed, and consideration of paving a rink over flood plain.

City engineers and experts must be involved in the process. The KCRA will have to request a grant from the City to help the community accomplish this goal. 

The City has two types of grants that it uses to support community funding requests in order to fund recreational projects or facilities.

These grants give the community group half of the money they need for a particular project. The KCRA has used this grant request process four times in the last 15 years. The first grant request is the Community Partnership Minor Capital Program for projects below $15,000. The two large cement storage bunkers and the fencing at the side of the RA used the minor grant procedure to help fund those projects. The second grant request is the Community Partnership Major Capital Program for projects $15,000 and above. Again, the KCRA used this grant to renovate the kitchen.

The KCRA would have to use the major grant process to help fund the rink paving. 

Time Frame 

  • 01 Mar 2022 – Submit project request - Community Partnership Major Capital Program.  

  • 01 Sep 2022 – City Recreation decision to support/reject the project.

  • 01 Oct 20 22 – If above is successful City Recreation recommendation is passed to City Council.

  • 01 Mar 2023 – KCRA is informed if City Council supports/rejects project.

  •      2023         – Project completed if supported. 

The KCRA Executive does not want to raise any false hopes - this project can be stopped at any stage of the approval process. Notice the completion date if everything is approved. Construction is backed up right now so neither the KCRA or the city can give the exact completion dates. It does seem like a long time, but that is the way the process works and if we wish to obtain the funding from the city then we will have to follow that process. 

Currently the Executive is at work on a grant request and will have it ready for submission by March 1st, 2022 as required. Once that is in, that is all we can do for the time being. We will continue to plan for the 200th Anniversary and raise the remaining funds. 

The KCRA Executive

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